What We Do

PRO Partner Group provides corporate partnership to foreign investors who wish to start or expand a business in the State of Qatar or the United Arab Emirates.

By applying their expertise and local knowledge, our team firstly helps you to identify the most appropriate type of company set-up for your business. The most common options include: Limited Liability Company , Branches and Trade Representative Office.

PRO Partner Group uses a customised approach, catering to each clientís individual business needs and assisting you in achieving your business objectives.

Using insights into the local market and our on the ground connections, we navigate through all the processes and procedures, eliminating barriers and fulfilling the necessary requirements for you to establish your business with ease. Ultimately, our goal is to provide quality service which allows you to launch your business quickly and efficiently. We are comprehensive and thorough in ensuring your investment abides by the laws of the country, minimising risk and promoting long-term success.

Our partners have access to a network of resources, invaluable business support services and a passionate team who care about your companyís success as much as you do.

By law, most foreign entities that set-up as an LLC require a local shareholder. By partnering with PRO Partner Group, we become the local shareholder in a corporate capacity protecting your investment.


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