A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most commonly incorporated commercial entity type that you can establish in the Abu Dhabi and this provides the most flexibility and scope once established.

Currently, commercial law here in the UAE states that most Limited Liability Companies must have one or more local Emirati partners. The law states that the local partner(s) is required to possess a minimum of 51% of the shares in the LLC. This immediately raises a number of concerns for foreign investors coming into the country and the thought that someone will own 51% of your business is daunting and not a decision to be taken lightly.

At PRO Partner Group we understand these concerns and we have developed, through our secure and trusted nominee structure, a company formation process that ensures our clients interests are fully protected in accordance with the law. When you partner with us, PRO Partner Group will become the Emirati 51% corporate partner in the LLC. This allows us to ensure you can run your business unhindered and takes away any pressure on you to independently find and maintain a trustworthy local sponsor relationship.

The partners within the foreign company benefit from having limited liability exposure to the extent of their contribution to the share capital. In Abu Dhabi, unlike many GCC countries, there is no minimum specified share capital amount and commercial law instead stipulates that the capital should simply be sufficient for the companyís needs.

Certain activities such as recruitment services or real estate related businesses are an exception to this rule, as they can only be completed by 100% locally owned entities. Our team can advise you on the best way to structure the business in accordance with the relevant activities you wish to undertake.

More Information about LLC formation in Abu Dhabi:

  • There is currently no minimum capital requirement
  • No local corporation tax is payable
  • It is mandatory for an LLC to have a suitable office space prior to obtaining a Trade License
  • The profit share for the company does not need to reflect that of the shareholdings
  • Documents in foreign languages must be translated into Arabic by a legal translator and duly certified (certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies, for companies incorporated abroad).

Advantages of Partnering with PRO Partner Group:

  • As your service provider, we will use our experience to handle all the necessary paperwork to establish your business in a timely manner. This includes applying for visas, licenses, obtaining labour quotas, translation services and assisting with the opening of corporate bank accounts
  • We allow your General Manager to manage the daily operations of your company, without interference
  • We are not interested in your turnover or profits. A set fee, legally agreed at the start ensures stability and ease for you to budget.
  • Through our corporate office in central Abu Dhabi, you will have access to ongoing services and around the clock support
  • We offer networking opportunities with key local contacts and government departments
  • No quibbles due to a change of circumstance: we will be sad to see you leave but we guarantee that we will assist you in either terminating our licence or transferring the shareholding to a new sponsor as seamlessly as possible
  • At PRO Partner Group we provide you with honest answers, transparency, reliability and realistic timelines enabling you to be fully informed at all times.

For further information on establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Abu Dhabi please contact us on +971 (0)4 456 1761 or email us at



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