If your foreign company is looking for exposure in the UAE market, you may want to set-up a Trade Representative Office. This type of representation is useful in promoting a foreign company and introducing your products to UAE companies as a non-trading ‘shop-window’.

Bare in mind, your Trade Representative Office cannot export, import or sell in the UAE. A Trade Representative Office may practice only promotional business for the products and services provided by the parent company.

More Information about Trade Representative Offices:

  • Activities – A representative office does not engage in sales, services or any type of commercial activity but only promotes/markets the activities of its parent company, gathering information and soliciting orders and projects to be performed by the head office of the parent company.
  • Sponsor/National Service Agent – Each Trade Representative office requires a local sponsor. The local sponsor has no equity participation or liability to the business, nor can the person represent the branch office or participate in its management.
  • Bank Guarantee – As a Trade Representative Office you will be required to deposit a refundable bank guarantee of AED50,000 for the duration of your licence and this cannot be withdrawn or used as working capital.

Advantages of Partnering with PRO Partner Group:

  • As your service provider, we will use our experience to handle all the necessary paperwork to establish your business in a timely manner. This includes applying for visas, licenses, obtaining labour quotas, translation services and assisting with the opening of corporate bank accounts.
  • 100% Management Control.
  • 100% Financial Control.
  • 100% control of profits.
  • Fixed annual fee.
  • Simple 3 month exit strategy [no penalties].
  • Full Management Team on hand 24/7.
  • Suitable for entrepreneurs, SMEs and MNCs entering the UAE market.
  • Honest answers, transparent, reliability and realistic timelines enabling you to be fully informed at all times.

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