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Posted: Sunday 13 March 2016

A Qatar based company has launched a new online web based system that allows firms to swap goods and services in lieu of cash via online. One of the first websites to offer this service in Qatar, Gulf Barter is particularly aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs struggling to keep afloat, its founder said. But it has also attracted interest from bigger companies, Fahad Al-Ameri, founder and CEO of Al-Ameri International Trading, said. He explained that businesses can register with the bilingual (English and Arabic) site, and for a QR1,000 annual charge, can post as many times as they like, offering to exchange anything from advertising space to left-over stock with other companies on the network.

The concept is based on the ancient model of bartering that was used throughout the world without the need for cash.

Al-Ameri told Doha News that he first thought of the idea nearly 20 years ago, but felt that it wouldn’t be popular when the economy was booming.

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